Outfits Edit

Image Name Weight Value Effect Base ID
LibOufit Librarian Dress ★ 2 90 +4 INT, +1 LCK. xx00095D
NCRjumpsuit NCR Engineer Jumpsuit 3 24 +2 INT. xx0008D3
ProfOufit Professor Sweater ★ 2 90 +4 INT, +1 LCK. xx00095F
VaultSuit Vault 108 Jumpsuit ★ 1 32 +5 Energy Resistance, +10 Radiation Resistance, +10 Melee and Unarmed Damage. xx000960

Headwear Edit

Image Name Weight Value Effect Base ID
NCR1stReconBeret NCR 1st Recon Beret ★ 0.2 45 +2 PER, +10% Critical Chance. xx0008C7

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