Crafting ComponentsEdit

Image Name Weight Value Source Component for Base ID
Poison Poison 0.1 2 Radscorpion Stinger, Rat Poison, Stingwing Barb Antivenom, Hydra, Bleak Venom, Dark Datura, Mother Darkness, Silver Sting, Tremble. xx033FEC

Junk ItemsEdit

Image Name Weight Value Component Component for Base ID
SunsetSarsaparillaBottle Sunset Sarsaparilla Bottle 0.5 2 Glass (x2) xx000943

Other ItemsEdit

Image Name Weight Value Component for Base ID
5NCR $5 NCR 0 2 xx000979
20NCR $20 NCR 0 8 xx00097A
100NCR $100 NCR 0 40 xx00097B
SScaps Sunset Sarsaparilla Star Bottlecap 0 20 xx0009B0

Quest ItemsEdit

Image Name Weight Value Required for Base ID
NukaCocktailSchematics Nuka Cocktail Schematics 0 100 Nuka Cocktail crafting. xx0499F1
NukaColaClearFormula Nuka-Cola Clear Formula 0 350 Nuka-Cola Clear crafting. xx0499F0
NukaFusionRecipe Nuka-Fusion Recipe 0 250 Nuka-Fusion crafting. xx0499EF

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